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“A meeting between chefs, in an informal setting, an opportunity to catch up and talk about new culinary trends without competing in the kitchen but on the snow”



The Südtirol Chef’s Cup was created in 2004 as a result of an idea of Norbert Niederkofler, the Alto Adige chef with two Michelin stars, that wanted to get chefs together in a friendly setting to discuss changes and developments in haute cuisine.

Set up solely for chefs, sector operators and producers of culinary specialities, the Chef’s Cup is slowly gaining increasing success so much so that it is now an annual (2008-2009-2010) rather than a two yearly experience (2004-2006) and participants have increased from the initial 70 to around 1000 at the last edition. The public’s response has been so good that in 2009 the Chef’s Cup was also opened to friends of the chefs to allow everyone to enjoy three days of good food, Italian tradition and charity.

The initial idea of bringing the best national and international chefs together to exchange opinions on wine and food taste, specialities and quality, with a particular view to safeguarding Italian and local produce, remains at the heart of the history and philosophy behind the Chef’s Cup. It has evolved more and more throughout the years to include investigation, debates and meetings on haute cuisine care and development, health and charity related topics with the participation of enogastronomic experts and doctors.